Balance Bikes Reviews and Ratings

If you are looking at purchasing a balance bike for your child, you may become overwhelmed with the selection available. You should not concern yourself with the variety of products on the market. There is one common interest between all the different styles and brands, eliminating the pedals to facilitate learning balance first. Once balance has been mastered, pedaling becomes a next step as your child moves on pedal bikes. Balance bikes don’t have pedals, sprockets or chains so that your child’s legs and clothing don’t get tangled up while riding. You child is the motor to propel themselves along. Once your child learns how to push herself with some momentum she will be able to pick her legs up and coast. This process allows your child to comfortably move to a pedals when ready…. read more here

List of resources to help you find the best balancing bike for your child to learn to ride a bicycle is found here.

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